Resilient Movement Laboratory


Join me for a 3-week series at The Peoples' Cooperative Community Room

February 4, 11 and 18
Sliding scale $10-20
First class is $5 for Peoples' Staff and Volunteers

Dance as a transformative response to gravity...

Gravity constantly surrounds and acts within us, connects us to the Earth, gives our bodies solidity and deeply affects our perceptions. All movement is in response to gravity. In this class, we explore the poetic duet of our relationship with the ever-present force that keeps the universe flowing.

Feb 4: Waves and water: Exploring our water-based bodies
Feb 11: Thinking in the air: Voice, space, breath, and power of metaphor
Feb 18: Earth bodies: Being in-and-of, dancing on the ground

Each class has a thorough physical warm up followed by improvisation and play.

E-mail Jen for details and to sign up!