Video Excerpts


“Kol Isha” in progress

A brief glimpse at a rehearsal for “Kol Isha,” a piece about womens’ voices. This piece will be performed in spring 2020.

"Showtime In America" (2016)

The first of three short films co-produced by Right Brain Performancelab and Loren Robertson Productions. 

©Right Brain Performancelab 2016, all rights reserved

"Electron" (2005)

This piece was part of“State of the Union/Anonymous Sources” by Right Brain Performancelab.

©Right Brain Performancelab 2005, all rights reserved

"Sundial" (2005)

This piece was performed as part of "State of the Union/Anonymous Sources" in 2005, although it had been performed as a stand-alone piece from 1999 to 2009. The dance was in response to the audience members' gestures and reactions. 

I’ve been doing this for a while! More videos available here.